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create sharp-looking mood boards. fast.

✂️ clip images from anywhere

Use the prsnt Web Clipper to save images from any website with just a click. Even better, the images on your mood board will have links back to their original websites!

✨ quick layouts

With Quick Layout, adding images to your mood board is easy: just drag and drop, and it will organize the images into a grid for you!

Quick Layout does all the work of perfectly aligning everything, but it gives you the control you need: resize, order, and tweak.

🛠️ freeform layouts

Freeform Layout lets you customize the layout of your mood board. As you drag and drop images on the page, you can easily resize and move them anywhere.

📬 share it!

When you’re ready to share your project, you can send anyone a link to your mood board, save it as a PDF, or print it on 11x17 paper for a sharp-looking client takeaway.

prsnt is a huge time saver. It even made presentation output fun!

—Mariana Panova, Interior Designer at Montroy Andersen DeMarco

Sample mood board pages

You can use prsnt to make mood boards, look books, story boards, and presentations for anything. Our users include interior designers and decorators, event planners, architects, fashion designers, photographers and film makers, set and stage designers, digital creatives, builders, and architects.

Below are a few examples of pages from prsnt projects and here is a link to our sample project gallery.

See how it works

prsnt isn't like anything you've used before. When you add images to a Quick Layout page, our layout engine automatically makes room for them so you don’t have to move them around first.